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    An Introductory Brief.

    The Vision

    The Halaal Foundation envisages playing such a role onboth national and international levels as benefits not only Pakistan.ReadMore

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    Halaal and Haram products in Pakistan

    Our Researchers

    ALHAMDULILLAH our researchers are continuously involved in collecting accurate and decisive information about various products including food items, .. ReadMore

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    Halaal Research & Certification:

    Science & Technology

    Advances in science & technology have revolutionized the human lifeeating, drinking, dressing & beautification habits being no exception.But the darkest aspect thereof is that they have perturbed the Muslims because of the Haraam ....ReadMore

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Halaal Research & Certification:

Advances in science & technology have revolutionized the human life eating, drinking, dressing & beautification habits being no exception. But the darkest aspect thereof is that they have perturbed the Muslims because of the Haraam ingredients & products.

  • The Holy Quran, the last and the only intact revealed book, is the basis of all the Islamic teachings including the fundamentals of Halaal and Haraam
  • Like the Holy Quran, the Hadith is also a fundamental source of the Islamic Shariah. In fact, the message of the Holy Quran cannot be fully understood
  • This section comprises the questions about Halaal and Haraam asked by our respectable visitors, along with the answers given by the Shariah
  • In this section, there have been listed the products certified, under any category, by the Halaal Foundation. These lists are updated whenever

Halaal Awareness

Featured News

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Halaal Research

  • E Number Booklet English >

    Recent developments in manufacturing products for human use are known to all. it is common to make one product from different kinds of ingredients and to manufacture it by using modern technology in such a way that the raw materials are no more recognizable.it has also become to write ingredients on products because several sources of raw materials are used. In addition to it, original ingredients are not judged just by watching the products. In the begining, ingredients were written by name on the products. But when the international trade expended and internatilnal trade of products started, some common ingredients
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  • Common Critical Ingredients And Their Sources >

    It is an admitted fact that a lot of ingredients used in the modern-day consumer products are Haraam, Najis or Mashbooh (critical). Shariah Experts have been warning us against such things for a long time, but due to the negligence of the Islamic teachings, improper implementation of the relevant laws and non-existence of a proper certification system, there are only a few people who care about using Halaal ingredients in their products. The public at large do not demand Halaal certified products and continue using the Mashbooh imported products unhesitatingly.

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  • Halaal and Haram products in Pakistan >

    Wa Alaikum –Us- Salaam

    In fact, no final and definite list of products believed to be Halaal can be prepared and published because the manufacturers keep on changing the ingredients of their products. Therefore, focus should be on determining the

     Shari’ah status of individual ingredients, and we are following this pattern in our research. Details of our work in this regard are as under:

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