The Vision

The Halaal Foundation envisages playing such a role _ on both national and international levels_ as benefits not only Pakistan but also the Muslim Ummah and the world at large, by providing state-of-the-art professional guidance about the production and consumption of products and services in accordance with the Shariah standards of Halaal. The Halaal Foundation is determined to find solutions to all the halaal-related issues in such a way that its logo becomes the most-trusted sign of assurance for all throughout the world." 

Mission Statement:

At the Halaal Foundation, we

    • believe that every citizen, without discrimination of creed, race, color, language or religion, has the right to consume products and benefit from services that are not injurious to his body and soul. For the purpose, we aim at adopting internationally accepted standards in the light of the Shariah (Islamic Law);

    • are determined , for the common good of mankind , to create awareness throughout the world about "Halaal” products and services by utilizing all the permissible means of communication;

    • feel responsible to make an authenticated Shariah research about the Shariah status of products and services;

    • are determined to educate and train the Shariah scholars, scientists and other professionals to meet the present-day challenges of the halaal industry;

    • realize the inevitable need of the state-of –the-art technology and make pledge to get it on priority basis.  


Goals & Objectives:

    • Development and harmonization of Halaal Standards.

    • Creating Halaal awareness via seminars, print media, and electronic media.

    • Scientific and Shariah Research in all the products and services of the halaal industry.

    • Publishing of all the Halaal-related research works in Urdu, Arabic and English.

    • Establishment of an institute for professional education and training in Halaal standardization, research and certifications.

    • Halaal Assurance of Products and services through Consultancy and Certification.

    • Customer service via e-mail and Help-line service.




Legal Entity:

The Halaal Foundation is a not-for-profit limited company duly registered under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 of Pakistan.


Striving for a Haraam-free Society

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors of the Halaal Foundation comprises 7 members, including Shariah Experts and businessmen, who are determined to serve the Muslim Ummah in the Halaal industry as per national & international standards governed by the Shariah teachings.

Expert Panels:

    • Shariah Experts panel:

    • More than 50 well-known & most-trusted Muftiaan Kiraam (Shariah experts) from all over the country are on this panel.

    • Technical Experts Panel: Well-reputed Food scientists, Food technologists, Veterinary doctors, traders, industrialists and lawyers from all over the country are on the technical experts’ panel.


Shariah Supervisory Board:

Since the Halaal Foundation believes that making decisions on the Shariah status of products and services is a very sensitive issue, all of its policies and activities are vigilantly monitored and supervised by a “Shariah Supervisory Board” consisting of renowned Shariah experts (Muftian Kiraam).

Scope of Services:

    • Halaal Awareness.

    • Research on Halaal-related issues.

    • Training & Specialization Courses on Halaal.

    • Halaal Certification.

    • Consultancy for Halaal-compliance of Products and Services.


Personal’s Qualifications:

Alhamdulillah, all the members involved in the operational activities of the Halaal Foundation are highly qualified and duly trained to fulfill their respective duties. For example, members of the Shariah department

    • Hold “Aalim” & “Mufti” degrees;

    • Hold masters degrees

    • Visited South Africa to get fully trained in the field of “Halaal” by SANHA (South African National Halal Authority), a well-reputed international halaal certification body;

    • Hold HLAT (Halal Lead Auditor Training) certificate granted by IHI Alliance (International Halal Integrity Alliance), based in Malaysia; and

    • Hold Training Certificate on Halaal issued by PSQCA.