Activities of Halaal Foundation Karachi Pakistan

Participation in 3rd International Halal Conference Lahore

On May 22 and 23, 2014, 3rd “International Halal Conference and Expo 2014” was held at the International Expo Centre Lahore. It was jointly organized by the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) and the Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) in collaboration with the Halal Research Council, USAID-TAP, Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company, and Livestock & Dairy Development Department of Punjab.


The main objective of the conference and expo was to promote the Halaal industry of Pakistan at the international level.
The CEO of the Halaal Foundation, along with Mufti Arif Ali Shah, also participated in the conference. On the second day, a very important international meeting was held in the premises of PCSIR laboratories LAHORE. The meeting was chaired by Justice (R) Khalil Ur Rehman Khan, the chairman of PHDA. Among the distinguished participants were Dr. Winai Dahlan (the Founding Director of Halal Science Center Bangkok), H Muladi Mughani (Indonesian Embassy in Pakistan) , DR IR Bambang Susilo (VC University UB Indonesia), Prof.. IR Sukoso (UB Indonesia), DR. Russly Abdur Rahman (UPM Malaysia), Dr. Faqir M Anjum (Ex-DG NIFSAT Agriculture University Faisalabad), Dr. Javed Aziz Awan (Country Head for IFANCA in Pakistan), Molana Naeem Shahid (CEO Halaal Foundation), and Mufti Arif Ali Shah (Shariah Advisor Halaal Foundation). First of all, Dr. Winai Dahlan presented his views about E numbers. Then, Dr Faqir M Anjam shared his research on E numbers.

The CEO of Halaal Foundation, Molana Naeem Shahid, also gave a very informative presentation on the research on E Numbers carried out by the Halaal Foundation. All the participants, especially Dr. Winai, appreciated the work for the extensive and in-depth research and the format adopted for the publication of this work.

Dr. Winai Dahlan offered to arrange a meeting in Bangkok after Ramadan. Thereupon, the chairman of the meeting, Justice (R) Khalil Ur Rehman Khan, announced that all the participants will attend this meeting in Bangkok after Ramazan to finalize the Shariah status of E numbers.