Activities of Halaal Foundation Karachi Pakistan

A Delegation from Madrasa Ibn-e-Abbaas Visits Halaal Foundation

On April 02, 2014, Two Shariah experts belonging to the Dar-ul-Ifta of Madrasa Ibn-e-Abbaas (Gulistan-e - Jauhar, Karachi), visited the Head office of the Halaal Foundation located in the Rohail Khand Society of Karachi. Mufti Syed Abid Shah, the head of the Shariah Department of the Halaal Foundation, exchanged with the delegation his views on the Shariah solution to the modern-day complicated issues. He also highlighted the goals and objectives of the organization. Thereafter, the delegation had a detailed meeting with the CEO of the Halaal Foundation, Molana Naeem Shahid, and exchanged their views on various aspects of Halaal.


The visitors admired and appreciated the services offered by the Halaal Foundation. They also requested the management of the Halaal Foundation to conduct a course on “Halaal Certification” for the Shariah experts and Ifta students of Madrasa Ibn-e-Abbaas.