Activities of Halaal Foundation Karachi Pakistan

Certificate Course on “Concepts & Standards for Halaal-compliance” at UoK

A few months ago, The Halaal Foundation and the Department of Food science & Technology, University of Karachi entered into an MoU. The main objective was to conduct a Certificate Course on “Concepts & Standards for Halaal-compliance” for the students of the department and also for those professionals working in the food industry so that the participants could gain the necessary but authentic Shariah information about Halaal and Haraam and the related Shariah terms in order to make their technical knowledge and experience better.


The course was beneficial not only to the scientists but also to the Shariah experts (Muftian Kiraam). It is because the Shariah status of many ingredients used in the food items, cosmetics and medicines, which we commonly use, is not clear mainly because the Shariah experts are not aware of their technical details. Moreover, although it is the Shariah experts who are to declare the Shariah status of a product, it is very difficult for them to reach a definite decision unless the related scientists and technical experts, who also understand the Shariah terms, do not provide them with the required technical information. In order to fill the knowledge gap that exists in this field, the course, by the grace of Allah, formally commenced on November 09, 2013 and was successfully completed on November 24, 2013. At the end of the course, the date for the examination was also announced, and it was conducted accordingly.

On March 31, 2013, the representatives of the Halaal Foundation had a detailed meeting with Dr. Abid Husnain Mirza, the chairman of the department of Food science & Technology University of Karachi, and Dr. Abdul Haq, a lecture at the department, and handed over to them the certificates of the participants.

During the same meeting, it was also decided that a new MoU will be signed for five years (till 2019). And, in accordance with this new MoU, the Halaal Foundation will, each year, conduct a certificate course on “Concepts & Standards for Halaal-compliance” for the students of the Department of Food science & Technology, University of Karachi. The next course will be conducted in January, INSHA ALLAH.