Certified Products of The Halaal Foundation Karachi Pakistan

List of Halaal Certified Products/ Clients

A)   List of Halaal Certified Products/ Clients

Important Note:

  1. In this section, there have been listed only those products which have been given a Halaal certificate by the Halaal Foundation. For other certificates like Halaal Certificate for Export purposes, or Fatwa, issued by the Halaal Foundation, kindly visit the relevant section.


  1. Whenever the Halaal Foundation issues a Halaal Certificate, this list is readily updated. Therefore, only that Halaal certificate which shows 100 % compliance with the details displayed in this section shall be deemed valid.


  1. If some product/ consignment / lot / container/company carries the Halaal Foundation logo, or it is accompanied by a normal Halaal certificate, or a Halaal certificate for export purpose, or a Fatwa, or it is claimed that the product/ consignment/lot/container/company has been certified Halaal by the Halaal Foundation, kindly visit our website and read all the entries of this section carefully to confirm whether the logo / claim is genuine or fake. Stake-holders may also contact us for such confirmation.


  1. In this age of widespread fraudulence, some dishonest companies / manufacturers / traders/ individual may falsely use the Halaal logo / Halaal certificate of an organization, or they may make fake claims that their product (s ) / company is Halaal certified. Therefore, we strongly urge all the stake holders to confirm the authenticity of such certificates/ logos / claims.


  1. The Halaal Foundation shall not bear any responsibility for any fake Halaal certification / fake logo in any form and in any case whatsoever.


  1. In case of any inconvenience regarding confirmation, kindly contact the Halaal Foundation.