Consumer Queries to The Halaal Foundation Pakistan

This section comprises the questions about Halaal and Haraam asked by our respectable visitors, along with the answers given by the Shariah Department of the Halaal Foundation.

It is pertinent to point out here that all the queries directed towards the Halaal Foundation are answered as per the rules of Fatwa. Hence, these answers should not be treated, considered and/or used as “Halaal certificate”. If someone needs a Halaal certificate for any product, they should contact a reliable Halaal certification body and must follow the Halaal Standards.

Halaal and Haram products in Pakistan

Wa Alaikum –Us- Salaam

In fact, no final and definite list of products believed to be Halaal can be prepared and published because the manufacturers keep on changing the ingredients of their products. Therefore, focus should be on determining the

 Shari’ah status of individual ingredients, and we are following this pattern in our research. Details of our work in this regard are as under:

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Halaal Certification of Cosmetics



Is halaal certification also necessary for products like shampoos, creams, face washes and cosmetics. If yes, how to verify the halal status of such products? Jazakumullahu khair


 Wa Alaikum-us-Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu!

For the sake of convenience, we can divide this query into two questions and deal with them separately. The questions are:

  1. Is Halaal certification of personal care products necessary?
  2. How can we verify the Halaal status of personal care products? 

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