Consumer Queries to The Halaal Foundation Pakistan

Halaal and Haram products in Pakistan

Wa Alaikum –Us- Salaam

In fact, no final and definite list of products believed to be Halaal can be prepared and published because the manufacturers keep on changing the ingredients of their products. Therefore, focus should be on determining the

 Shari’ah status of individual ingredients, and we are following this pattern in our research. Details of our work in this regard are as under:


    • ALHAMDULILLAH our researchers are continuously involved in collecting accurate and decisive information about various products including food items, beverages, cosmetics, medicines, etc. But we are sorry to say that we have decided not to publish lists of such products mainly for the reason that, as you know, manufacturers keep on changing ingredients or their suppliers who derive them from various sources in which case the Sharia’ status of a product is very likely to change. In view of all this, each product should be evaluated from time to time on individual basis. However, when we get assured that there is very little or no chance of such a change , we will readily publish lists of Halaal or Haraam Products for the benefit of the public at large, INSHA ALLAH.

    • II. So far as the Shari’ah status of individual ingredients is concerned, we are preparing our database on them and the same will be uploaded on our website and published in the form of books / booklets / brochures for general awareness, INSHA ALLAH.

    • III. We have already uploaded our booklet on most commonly used E-Numbered ingredients on our website. A book on the same will soon be available in the market. Moreover, a detailed book on all the necessary scientific and Shari’ah aspects of the same is being revised by some on-job scientists and will be published as soon as this revision is completed, INSHA ALLAH.

    • IV. At least essay on Halaal-related issues is published in the weekly “SHARIAH &BUSINESS”.


So far as the consumption of the products available in the markets is concerned, we advise that the consumers should look for the Halaal logo issued by some reliable Halaal certification Body (i.e. not only the word “halal” written by the manufacturers themselves) printed on the label of the products. If they find such a logo, they can use the product, and if not, they should look at the ingredients. If no haraam or doubtful ingredient is found, they can use the product.

Here, it is worth-mentioning that many companies in the Non- Muslim countries have got their products certified Halaal only because the Muslim consumers living there demanded strongly for it, and the companies could not afford refusing such demands. But unfortunately, the same companies are selling their products without getting them certified Halaal in many Muslim-majority countries, including Pakistan, only because there is no strong demand for it in these countries. In our opinion, therefore, the best way in this regard is to demand the manufacturers to get their products certified by a reliable Halaal Certification Body. If this is done, the muslim consumers will use their products with satisfaction, and it will promote their business as well.
We hope that you will be satisfied with this explanation.