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Common Critical Ingredients And Their Sources

It is an admitted fact that a lot of ingredients used in the modern-day consumer products are Haraam, Najis or Mashbooh (critical). Shariah Experts have been warning us against such things for a long time, but due to the negligence of the Islamic teachings, improper implementation of the relevant laws and non-existence of a proper certification system, there are only a few people who care about using Halaal ingredients in their products. The public at large do not demand Halaal certified products and continue using the Mashbooh imported products unhesitatingly.


Under such circumstances, it is the responsibility of the Shariah scholars to inform the people of this alarming situation. It is really very difficult to determine the exact Shariah status of a product containing these critical ingredients because of the fact that such ingredients can be obtained from either Halaal or Haraam sources. As per Shariah rules, products containing such Mashbooh ingredients cannot be declared haraam or Najis in express terms. However, the Muslims should abstain from using such things so that they may avoid unintentional consumption of Haraam things and the effects thereof. And, it is for this purpose that the Halaal Foundation has prepared a list of the most common Mashbooh ingredients. The consumers are advised to contact the manufacturer in case they find any of these ingredients used in any product, demanding them to fully disclose the source of the ingredient. The list is as under:


No. Ingredient Criticial Source(s)
1  Adrenaline  Hogs, Cattle, Sheep
2  Albumen  Egg, Milk, Muscles, Blood
3  Allantoin  Urine of  mammals
4  Amino Acids  Animal
5  Arachidonic Acid  Animal liver
6  Blood  Animal
7  Bone Char  Animal
8  Bone Meal  Animal
9  Carbamide/Urea  Urine
10  Carmine  Cochineal (an insect)
11  Catgut  Intestines of sheep, horses, etc.
12  Civet  Civet cat
13  Collagen  Animal
14  Creatine  Meat
15  Cystine  Urine ,Horsehair
16  Duodenum  Digestive tracts of cows and pigs
17  Elastin  Neck ligaments and aortas of cows
18  Emu Oil  Flightless raite birds
19  Estrogen  Cow ovary, Pregnant mare’s urine
20  Fatty Acids  Animal fat
21  Feathers  Birds
22  Gelatin  Cow , pig
23  Glycerides  Animal fat
24  Glycerin  Animal fat
25  Hyaluronic Acid  Umbilical cord,fluids around joints
26  Hydrolyzed Animal Protein  Animal
27  Insulin  Hog pancreas
28  Keratin  Horn, Hoof, Feather, Quill, Hair kid, and lamb
29  Lard  Hog abdomen
30  L-Cysteine  Animal ,Human hair
31  Lecithin  Nerve tissue, Blood, Milk
32  Lipase  Stomach and Tongue gland of calf
33  Lipids  Animals
34  Mink Oil  Mink
35  Musk  Deer, beaver, muskrat, civet cat and Animal fat
36  Oleic Acid  otter genitals
37  Pepsin  Hog stomach
38  Pig hair  Pig/Swine/Boar 
39  Placenta  Uterus of animals
40  Polypeptide  Animal protein
41  Polysorbate  Fatty acids
42  Rennet  Calf, lamb, camel
43  Retinol  Animal
44  Stearic Acid  Fat (cow, pig, sheep, dog or cat)
45  Tallow  Fat